Don HO

Senior Software Engineer

2018 2020 Senior Software Engineer at SYSTRAN

SYSTRAN is one of the most prestigious machine translation companies. Its technology is used by the large organization and companies like United States Department of Defense and the European Commission, Yahoo! Babel Fish, Google's language tools (until 2007) and Apple's OSX (by the Dashboard Translation widget).
SYSTRAN website :

Backend translation platform

  • C++- C++11- C++14/17- Python- MongoDB- Redis- Security- Deep Learning- Unit Test- CLion- git- Makefile- CMake- Docker- Linux- UBUNTU

2016 2018 Senior Software Engineer at Dashlane

Dashlane is a password manager app and secure digital wallet that provides solutions to the problem of password fatigue. The app is available on Mac, PC, iOS and Android.
Dashlane website :

Dashlane desktop Windows

  • C++- C++11- Qt- Security- Cryptography- OpenSSL- Agile development- Unit Test- git- VS Studio 2015- MSI/GPO- NSIS- MS Windows

2011 2016 Senior Software Engineer at 4D


Wakanda is an open-source web application framework for developing web and mobile applications in JavaScript. It includes a database server (WakandaDB), a JavaScript framework (WAF), and Wakanda Studio, an integrated development environment.

    • Extension System for Wakanda Studio
      The goal of Extension System for Wakanda Studio is to build a complete eco-system. It allows any JavaScript developer to make extensions for extending Wakanda Studio capacities.
    • Several extensions for Wakanda Studio
      Some core feature of Wakanda Studio are done in extension, such as Wakanda-git, Wakanda-js-beautifier and Wakanda-jslint extension.
    • Maintenance and evolution of Wakanda Studio
  • Wakanda website :
    4D website :
  • C++- JavaScript- HTML5- GIT- Perforce- Windows- MacOSX- Redmine- Trello- XML- JSON- Agile development- VS Studio 2013- Xcode

2011 4 months Senior Software Engineer at Cooperteam

Cooperteam is a software publisher and Professional Service provider specialized in solutions which focus on the management of corporate messaging systems and groupware.
Cooperteam website :

Several graphic Windows components in win32 API

  • C- win32 API- Visual Studio 2008- Windows

2007 2011 Senior Software Engineer at Dictao

Dictao is a software company which provides security solutions for banks.
Dictao website :

Middleware IAS for DGME

Middleware IAS is a cross-platform software. It allows client applications to exploit compliant cards featured with IAS-ECC technology.

  • Middleware IAS website :
  • Cryptographie- PKCS#11- Certificate- PKCS#12- IAS API- APDU- C++- CMake- Linux- MacOSX- Windows- makefile- gcc- Visual Studio 2003- Notepad++- Xcode- Vim- boost- wxWidget- Install Shield- SVN

Online contract for the bank LCL

It is a web application for online signing contracts for LCL bank clients. The application generates the certificate on the fly then uses it for signing the contract.

  • PKI- Electronic signature- Certificate- PKCS#12- C#- ASP.NET- JavaScript- Windows Server 2003- IIS6- Active Directory- Visual Studio 2005- Adobe PDF reader- SVN

2005 2006 Dev team leader at VEM Technologies

VEM Technologies is an unit externalized by SFR. The company develops the website of mobile (Mobile Wap) for SFR.

Mobile Wap for SFR

Coordination and participation (database conception, specifications / platform development) projects and services for SFR.

  • PHP- MySQL- phpMyAdmin- Java- Linux- Debian- Windows- Mobile Wap

20012005 Software Engineer at Oberthur Card System

Oberthur Card System is a smartcard company which provides secure technology solutions for Smart Transactions.
Oberthur website :


Build high level cryptographic library by using co-processor IBM 4758 (HSM). The library is used for protecting personal data during the smartcard production.

  • Cryptography- APDU- C++- C- Visual Studio 6- MFC- STL- win32 API- Rational Rose- TCP/IP- Client / Server


SIMRip is an extracting smartcard image software for dumping the image to smartcards during their personalization. Such procedure accelerates the production during smartcards personalization.

  • Cryptography- APDU- C++- C- Visual Studio 6- MFC

Pre-compilator Project

Pre-compilator is a tool for the production of smartcard of GSM.

  • Cryptography- APDU- C++- C- Visual Studio 6- MFC- Java- JDK

spare time Personal projects


Notepad++ is a free (as in "free speech" and also as in "free beer") source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages. Running in the MS Windows environment, its use is governed by GPL License.

    • Software design / architecture / implementation / documentation / testing...
  • Notepad++ website :
    git (sources) :
  • C++11/14/17- win32 API- win32 API OOP encapsulation- STL- GIT- Windows- Security- Multilingual architecture- Plugin system architecture- XML- NSIS- Visual Studio

WinGup (Generic Updater for Windows)

WinGup is a Generic Updater running under Windows environment. The aim of WinGup is to provide a ready to use and configurable updater which downloads a update package then installs it.

    • Software design / architecture / implementation / documentation / testing...
  • WinGup website :
    git (sources) :
  • C- win32 API- STL- GIT- Windows- cURL Lib- XML- Visual Studio

Notepad++ plugins

Notepad++ plugins contains some demo plugins and main default plugins set for including in Notepad++ official release.


C/C++, JavaScript, C#, Java, php
Python, Objective-C, Pascal
Lisp, TeX, PostScript, OCaml, Perl


PHP- JavaScript- html5- CSS3- MySQL


wxWidgets - XML

GIT- SVN- Perforce- Latex- Visual Studio- Notepad++- Eclipse- Xcode- Vim

2001 Post-graduate diploma (DESS)

Major : Computer Science at Paris Diderot University

2000 Master's degree

Major : Computer Science at Paris Diderot University

1999 Bachelor's degree

Major : Computer Science at Paris Diderot University

Paris Diderot University website :




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